Swiss Electricity Price Index (SWEP)

Initiated by Aare-Tessin AG für Elektrizität (ATEL) and Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Laufenburg AG and launched in cooperation with Dow Jones & Company in March 1998.
Effective Date: 11th April 2007


1.) Aim.
To provide price indication for OTC electricity trading in Switzerlandfor next day delivery.
Collection of all physical electricity basis firm delivery traded daily at the 380 kV Laufenberg hub by all SWEP members up to 15:30 London time for next day delivery.
3.) Calculation.
All deals with a maturity of 24 hours and are used for the SWEP calculation. Deals which do not include the 11:00-12:00 hour are also included.

The Swiss Electricity Price Index is the volume weighted average of the profile adjusted price for hour 12 of all N transactions having an impact on hour j=12 (11:00 – 12:00).
Calculation of profile adjusted price.
The profile-adjusted price for each hour j in a transaction i, PAPij, is the product of the virtual price VPi for that transaction and the smooth profile SPROFj for that hour. That is:
Calculation of virtual price, VP, for each transaction having an impact on hour 12 (11-12).
The virtual price VPi for each transaction i is the weighted-average price over the duration Ti0 toTi of the particular
transaction, corrected by the per unit profile for each hour j of the transaction. It is calculated as:
In such a way, the total turnover TOi of the transaction iremains unchanged:
SPROFj is the smooth price profile of the day under consideration; if the transaction i starts the day before (i.e. before the hour 00:00) or goes on the following day (i.e. after the hour 24:00) with regard to the day under consideration, the SPROFj of the day under consideration should be used all the same.
Calculation of the smooth profile:
The smooth price profile, SPROFj, is the average per unit profile for the given hour j, PUPj, over the past 20 working days d = -1 to -21. It is calculated as:
Kj stands for the number of days within the 20 working days showing a value for PUPj for the particular hour j.  Kj £ 20.
Calculation of per unit profile:
Per unit profile, PUPj, for a given hour j across all transactions, is defined as the ratio of the price profile, PPj, to the daily average price. It is calculated as:
Calculation of price profile:

The price profile, PPj, or individual daily profile for a given hour j over m transactions is the maximum or the minimum price in this hour compared to the daily average price. It is equal to:

1.      The arithmetic mean of the two extreme prices for this particular hour that fall on either side of the daily average price or,
2.      The absolute maximum if all the prices reported for this particular hour across m transactions are above the average daily price or,
3.      The absolute minimum if all the prices reported for this particular hour across m transactions are less than the average daily price.
Calculation of daily average prices:
Let Pij be the price per megawatt-hour, of electric energy scheduled for delivery during hour j as part of a transaction i that comprises a block of energy bought or sold for up to 24 hours. Let Hij be a discrete number that equals 1 whenever |Pij | is greater than zero, and equals 0 otherwise. The daily average price, AVP, of energy bought or sold for m such transactions can be calculated as:
4.) Publication.
Daily Between 1630 and 1800GMT by Dow Jones Newswires.
The published value reflects the until 16:00 hours (Swiss time) agreed spot deals for next day delivery.
Index results delivered to contributors via public internet.
5.) Data Submission.
All SWEP participants report the agreed deals for the next day with volumes and price to Dow Jones & Company.
All trades should be sent daily to using the excel spreadsheet provided no later than 1530 London time.
Trades quoted in megawatt hours per EUR, DEM, BFR, FFR, NLG or CHF. All exchange rates calculated using the European Central Bank daily fixing.
Contributors are asked to indicate when trades have been executed with other Swep members.
6.) Weekends.
No index will be calculated for Saturdays or Sundays.     
7.) Holidays.
No index will be published on Swiss holidays. Trades for delivery the day after the holiday must be submitted the day prior to the holiday.
(see table 1)
8.) Contacts.
Dow Jones Energy Indexes
Dow Jones Indexes
P.O. Box 300
Princeton, NJ08543-0300
Tel: (609) 520 7374
Fax: (609) 452 3531
Ernest Onukogu
(609) 520 4663
Eric TungDo
(609) 520 4683
Melissa Nichols
(609) 520 7702

Table 1
Publish Day
Data Required on publish day for
Delivery on:
Monday 01 Jan 2007
(New Year)
Tuesday 02 Jan 2007
(Berchtolds day)
Friday 29 December 2006
Wednesday 03 January 2007
Friday 06 April 2007
(Good Friday)
Monday 09 April 2007
(Easter Monday)
Thursday 05 December 2007
Tuesday 10 April 2007
Tuesday 01 May 2007
(Tag der Arbeit)
Monday 30 April 2007
Wednesday 02 May 2007
Thursday 17 May 2007
Wednesday 16 May 2007
Friday 18 May 2007
Monday 28 May 2007
Friday 25 May 2007
Tuesday 29 May 2007
Thursday 07 June 2007
Wednesday 06 June 2007
Friday 08 June 2007
Wednesday 01 August 2007
Tuesday 31 July 2007
Thursday 02 August 2007
Wednesday 15 August 2007
(Maria Himmelfahrt)
Tuesday 14 August 2007
Friday 16 August 2007
Thursday 1 November 2007
Wednesday 30 October 2007
Friday 2 November 2007
Tuesday 25 December 2007
(Christmas Day)
Wednesday 26 December 2007
Monday 24 December 2007
Thursday 27 December 2007

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